Types of Asphalt Pavements


Whenever you are driving on a public highway, you might not be mindful of the types of material used on the road you are driving on – as a matter of fact, you might not even care much about it. Concrete and asphalt are two of the major types of materials used in making roads and pavements.



And when it comes to asphalt, there are several different kinds. If you are planning to have an asphalt pavement constructed on your residential or commercial property, it would be helpful to be aware of the different types of asphalt – so you know all your choices.


Different Asphalt Pavement Types:


Perpetual Asphalt Pavement – This incredibly durable type can last up to a whopping period of 60 years. Definitely built to stand the test of time, the perpetual asphalt pavement is achieved through the use of the multi-layering process. As the name implies, this type could last for a very long time with minimal maintenance and reparation needed. Smooth and quiet driving could be experienced on perpetual asphalt and it can outlast heavy traffic.


Porous Asphalt Pavement – This type of asphalt is also widely used for civic road construction as well as parking lots because of its porous quality. Water is one of the most damaging elements to most asphalts and could cause road or vehicular accidents if left pooling on the surface. Since this type is porous, that means that water would safely seep into the surface down to the soil beneath the asphalt – making the surface a lot safer to walk on or drive on again. The lifespan of a porous asphalt pavement is around 20 years.


Quiet Asphalt Pavement – Quiet asphalt pavements are usually being used in establishments where maintaining silence is of utmost importance. This type can have different forms – all designed to reduce noise, such as rubberized asphalt and porous asphalt. The downside to going for quiet asphalt pavement is that it could cost a lot.